Bitget’s Latest Copy Trading Feature, Elite Trader Private Mode, Fosters a Stronger Trading Community

16.11.2023 / Payment system news

Crypto exchange Bitget introduces a new copy trading feature, focusing on professional traders with the upcoming launch of Elite Trader Private Mode in November 2023. This innovative addition allows experts to promote community building, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among both novice and experienced traders.

The Elite Trader Private Mode offers distinct functionalities like Whitelist Invitation and Personalized Follower Management. These enable trading experts to invite specific users to follow their protected private strategies while closely monitoring their followers’ trading activities. Additionally, this feature provides enhanced community management by allowing experts to add and remove followers effortlessly.

With this update, traders are no longer required to lock up BGB (Bitget native tokens), allowing the customization of profit-sharing ratios from 0% to 99%. This flexibility maximizes profit-sharing opportunities for traders, acknowledging their significant contributions to the platform.

Bitget’s research reveals impressive statistics from the first half of 2023: over 109,000 traders leveraged copy trading, accumulating cumulative earnings exceeding 74 million USDT. Notably, 93% of futures traders and 82% of spot traders demonstrated profitability through this strategy.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, expressed enthusiasm about this addition, stating, ‘We are committed to continually enhancing our platform and offering tailored solutions to meet our traders’ diverse needs. Elite Trader Private Mode reflects our dedication to enriching the trading experience within our community.’”