Ordinals based RATS (RATS) Token Listed in Bitget’s Innovation Zone

16.11.2023 / Payment system news

RATS (RATS) token is now available for purchase and sale in the BRC20 and BTC Ecosystem Zones via Bitget’s Innovation Zone. The trading corridor for RATS tokens is now open.

The Bitcoin Ordinals protocol enables users to use satoshis as the cryptocurrency unit. It transacts with additional data attached and assigns a unique identification. Ordinals are a way to trade smaller Bitcoin units via the BRC20 chain, which sits atop the original Bitcoin blockchain. The mechanics of Bitcoin ordinals are based on ordinals theory. RATS is a memecoin on the Bitcoin network via Ordinals based on BRC20.

The inclusion of RATS on Bitget’s innovation zone facilitates user access to the token’s early launch stages, as well as those of other future, highly promising cryptocurrency initiatives. The innovation zone, created for trading new token offerings, is mostly used for trending tokens (first listings). All newly listed pairs in the zone are given a 60-day valuation period. To maintain the listing status active, the recently listed tokens will be periodically examined to ensure they meet Bitget’s platform requirements for trading volume, liquidity, the team, project development, and other factors.

“We’re providing our users with access to dynamic Bitcoin blockchain based projects fueled by the Ordinals protocol. This adds to our strategy of introducing high-potential crypto projects, allowing users to engage in the initial launch phases of innovative tokens.” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget.

Bitget customers can use bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and other multi-currency payment methods to purchase popular and recently listed tokens like RATS. Users can trade RATS using USDT pairs on Spot and Grid after listing.