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Alipay is one of the largest payment systems included in the Alibaba Group, which allows you to make purchases on the Internet, order transport tickets, pay for utilities and much more.

Before using the system, the user must register with the verification and linking of personal data, email, phone number, card or a real bank account, after which when paying he will no longer need to enter the data again - the payment will be automatically debited from the linked account when the buyer will receive the goods.

Alipay has innovative technologies in operation, such as NFC, sound parameters that transmit user number and payment information wirelessly.

All conflict situations and possible problems during the transaction are resolved by specialists of the specialized department of the company without involving third parties. In the case of filing an application, the team guarantees its consideration within 5 business days and full compensation of the entire amount if an unauthorized operation or illegal debit of funds was made from the account.

AliPay supports almost all types of mobile devices, as well as seamless integration with online assets such as an e-commerce website. The company offers its customers the ability to link a Visa / MasterCard / American Express card to their account.

Replenishment of the wallet: bank transfer, Western Union system, through WebMoney (commission for replenishment will be 0.8%) and using money transfers. Transfer can reach 7 business days.

Withdraw funds: not intended.

Advantages of the system:

  • Ease of use
  • Transaction History: Refunds, Refusals, Frozen Funds
  • Payment protection for 90 days if an unauthorized account transaction occurs
  • Discounts and bonuses for customers of the payment system

In addition to using within the group to pay for the products offered by Alibaba Group, more than 460 thousand other companies worldwide use the payment system services. In addition, Alipay cooperates with 65 financial organizations, including Visa and MasterCard, China Post, the largest global and regional financial institutions.

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11:44 04.09.17
Непонятная система, русского нет, как платить - ХЗ

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