Add online exchanger

Using the form below, you can add your currency exchange at Cryptobrokers monitoring. After testing by our experts, the service is added to the listing, and is displayed in the issuance of available destinations. Please review the requirements for services before completing the application:

  1. Adds an item has been operating for at least 3 months and has no negative feedback.
  2. The amount of reserve currencies across the board is the equivalent of a minimum of 3000 USD.
  3. Exchange service must provide courses export a file in one of the formats: txt or xml.
  4. exchange office certificate shall not be lower than personal, and BL of at least 100.
  5. currency exchange are available via an affiliate program.
  6. Added service is designed, user-friendly and intuitive design.
  7. On the online site listed exchanger reliable data on working time points, as well as support service hours and contacts for connection

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