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The field of electronic commerce and money transfers is developing dynamically. New payment systems, cryptocurrencies, methods of payment, deposit and withdrawal of funds appear. All these changes cannot but affect the rates of world fiat and electronic currencies. To make it easier for our customers to monitor financial events in the world, we have created a news section. Materials on current events in the world of electronic money will be regularly published here, as well as news from our service. Have a nice time!

Russian financial regulators will study the experience of launching national cryptoassets

Financial regulators of the Russian Federation (the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia) began to study international experience in the development and launch of national digital currencies.

21.10.2020 / Payment system news

Total supply of stablecoins surpassed $ 20 billion again

The stablecoin emission index renewed its maximum, reaching $ 20 billion by the end of last week. The upward trend was driven by an increase in demand for two assets: USDT and USDC. In addition, the strong growth in investor interest in cryptocurrency derivatives has had a positive effect on the strengthening of the stablecoin sector, since some platforms have declared making deposits using such tokens as a mandatory condition.

21.10.2020 / Payment system news

Banco de España will explore the possibilities of launching a national cryptocurrency

Spain’s main financial regulator (Banco de España) intends to explore the possibility of launching a national digital currency. The relevant information is contained in the latest document reflecting the country’s economic development plan, and calculated until 2024.

21.10.2020 / Payment system news

Shenzhen residents can now buy auto fuel with cryptocurrency

The Chinese authorities continue to promote the digital yuan, testing it as a means of payment in various service industries. Now, using cryptocurrency, residents of Shenzhen will be able to buy fuel at 11 gas stations in the city. The pilot project is being carried out by the state agency Guangdong Petroleum.

18.10.2020 / Payment system news

Bloomberg: Robinhood accounts massively attacked

The accounts of the Robinhood platform were hacked, writes Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

18.10.2020 / Payment system news

The Bank of Russia will study the issue of the digital ruble more globally

The Bank of Russia will conduct a study on the feasibility of launching a digital version of the national currency. The report released by the department notes that the new asset will not replace cash and electronic funds, but will only supplement them.

18.10.2020 / Payment system news

People’s Bank of China: Need to Accelerate the Launch of the Digital Yuan

Chen Yulu, deputy head of the People’s Bank of China, believes that the work on the introduction of the national cryptocurrency should be accelerated.

15.10.2020 / Payment system news

“Cryptomama” Hester Pierce: the authorities will have to pay attention to the regulation of the crypto market

Commissioner for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Hester Pearce believes that the regulator will have to create more obvious regulations for the rapidly changing crypto market, which attracts more and more participants to its ranks.

15.10.2020 / Payment system news

Parliamentarian Kozo Yamamoto: authorities need to revise law to launch digital yen

Japan’s regulatory framework must be changed to launch the digital yen, said Kozo Yamamoto, head of the country’s Liberal Democratic Party’s Financial Council.

15.10.2020 / Payment system news

US Department of Justice: End-to-End Encryption Contains Massive Public Safety Risks

US authorities have concluded that end-to-end encryption poses massive risks to public safety. In a statement, the United States Department of Justice notes the need for technology companies to engage with governments to timely identify illegal activities such as terrorism, violence and sexual assault.

13.10.2020 / Payment system news