This section presents the most common questions about currency exchange and answers to them.

Question: How to make an exchange of electronic money?

Answer: To start the conversion, just go to the main page of the portal and select two currencies in the left corner (which you give and which you want to receive after the operation). After selecting a destination, view the information about the available options. In the table with the exchangers you will find data on the course, reserves and reliability of services. By clicking on the name of the item that suits you, you will be automatically redirected to its website, where you can complete the operation.

Question: What is a reserve currency?

Answer: Each exchange office has a limited supply of funds available for operations, which is called a “reserve of foreign currency funds”. Thus, the data shows the maximum allowable amount of currency that you can purchase on a particular service. If you want to make an exchange for a larger amount than there is in the reserve, then you can request its replenishment.

Question: After choosing the currency for sale, I can not choose the currency of purchase. What could be the problem?

Answer: After choosing the currency you are selling, only the available exchange directions will be highlighted in the next column. If the direction you need is not available, it means that temporarily none of the exchange offices works with it. In this case, you can use the “Notification” service. When the specified direction becomes available, we will send you an information letter by e-mail.

Question: How can I calculate how much I will receive funds after exchanging a specific amount?

Answer: After choosing a currency pair, you will be presented with a table with available exchange points. Above the table is the button “Calculator”. By clicking on it, a field will appear in which you can accurately indicate the amount you want to exchange or receive, after which the system will calculate the final result of the transaction.

Question: What is an Alert?

Answer: The “Alert” function is a notification to the user about various processes that are being monitored by Cryptobrokers. After filling in the control parameters (availability of the exchange direction, availability of the exact rate, etc.), you indicate your email address to which an email containing the necessary information will be automatically sent.

Question: What information is displayed in the “Statistics” section?

Answer: The “Statistics” tab contains data on changes in the exchange rate, total reserves and popularity for the selected direction over the past 30 days.

Question: Is there an affiliate program on your monitoring?

Answer: Yes. We offer registered users to take part in the program to attract customers. We provide our partners with personal terms of cooperation, individual rates and rewards, while guaranteeing complete security and confidentiality of the data received. More details about the terms and conditions can be found here. Earn with us!

Question: How to verify the reliability of the exchange office?

Answer: Before adding to the Cryptobrokers website, all exchangers undergo a rigorous check of our security service specialists, however, the client is obliged to independently assess all risks before performing conversion operations, taking into account various performance indicators of the selected exchanger (customer reviews, reserves and reputation). The Cryptobrokers administration is not responsible for the actions and decisions of the representatives of the exchange office, as well as the possible loss of funds on a third-party resource.

Question: How to leave feedback about the work of the exchanger?

Answer: In order to leave feedback on the operation of the exchange office with which you collaborated, go to the “Exchangers” tab and click on the feedback counter of the service you are interested in.

Question: I did not find the question I need in F. A. Q., what should I do?

Answer: We are always ready to answer all your questions, as well as listen to suggestions for improving the service. Write to us using the feedback form, and we will respond as soon as possible.