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Avangard is a universal commercial bank that provides all types of banking services, including a number of high-tech financial products that are unique in the Russian market. It is one of the largest credit organizations in terms of key financial indicators.

Users note a fully functional Internet banking system: the system is equipped with internal tips, so it is easy for the client to navigate it. Connection and service are free of charge and all the most popular banking operations are available here. The full-featured Avangard Business mobile application automatically detects the device and offers an interface for a smartphone or tablet in an adapted design. The Internet banking and mobile application are the bank’s own developments, which use, among other things, unique technologies and products, such as a bank card with a display and a one-time code generator - the safest transaction confirmation tool today.

Advantages of the system:

  • Internet banking with free connection
  • Automatic lending to a current account in case of insufficient funds (from 7%)
  • SMS informing
  • Payments at the expense of funds received by the current operating day (0.05%)
  • Online cash order using Cash-Card
  • Intrabank payments, control of accounts, reception of documents - around the clock
  • Online tracking of expected payments from counterparties from other banks, day-to-day funds crediting, analytics and reporting
  • Consolidated statement and preparation of payment documents for all accounts
  • Purchasing tickets of any airline
  • Ability to revoke outstanding payment documents
  • Ordering standard certificates related to servicing bank accounts
  • Mobile application (AppStore, PlayMarket)

Avangard Bank was recognized as the “Best Bank for Corporate Clients in Russia - 2019”. One of the strengths of the Vanguard, according to experts, is two-way communication with customers and the desire to constantly improve services. At the moment, the financial institution has more than 120 thousand corporate clients.

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