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Bank of China ltd is a financial group formed on the basis of the oldest of the current Chinese banks, the majority of which is owned by the government.

The main activity of the financial institution is commercial banking with 90% of operating profit. Corporate banking includes 42%, private banking - 33% and treasury operations — 15%.

Among the distinguishing features of Bank of China is a global operational management system and a wide retail sales network, investment banking is also included in the package of services, including trading in secondary securities and shares, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, bonds and much more.

For individuals, the bank offers BOC Wealth Express Card and BOC CUP Dual Currency Platinum Card, as well as cards of world providers Visa and MasterCard.

Advantages of the system:

  • Free checkbook provision
  • Report with a list of operations and information on the account balance
  • Multicurrency settlement and savings account in HKD, GPD, CNY, CHF, EUR, USD JPY, SGD, GBP, NZD, AUD, CAD, RMB
  • Investment and advisory services (e.g. portfolio and asset management)
  • Financial management through an offshore company
  • Estate planning
  • Corporate Banking
  • Internet banking (with the ability to check your account, make transactions anytime, anywhere)

The group’s overseas network consists of 545 branches in 53 countries, the most significant presence in Canada, the UK and Singapore.

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