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Contact - the first Russian system of money transfers and payments; one of the three largest participants in the money transfer market of the country and neighboring countries.

After passing the registration procedure in the payment system, the user can send funds to any region of the country (individuals), make transactions from accounts in banks of Russia to another financial institution of the country or foreign at the specified details, as well as replenish the cards of any payment and international systems.

Advantages of the system:

  • Possibility to replenish plastic cards of international systems
  • You do not need to open a currency account to send a transfer
  • In case of non-payment of the transfer within 30 days, it can be received back
  • Transfer can be issued by proxy
  • Available in three currencies
  • The ability to cash virtual money
  • Ability to transfer funds to a mobile wallet or bank account
  • Delivery of transfer (funds) or check to home
  • Wide network of transfer points

Contact partners are more than 900 Russian and international banks and financial organizations, the network of service points exceeds 500 thousand points, including payment terminals, in more than 180 countries.

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11:52 22.03.18
Авторизовался через нее на госуслугах, нормальная система.

06:02 03.02.20

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