IOTA: cryptocurrency description, existing problems

IOTA is a cryptocurrency based on a data structure called “Tangle”, which does not require the presence of blocks, chains and the participation of miners. IOTA is a kind of cryptocurrency for paying for services in the field of cyber technologies. The company s goal is to conduct micropayment devices in real time without commission fees.

On the official IOTA website, users can find two types of wallets:

  1. GUI IOTA Wallet (for desktop devices).
  2. Trinity Wallet for Android, IOS.

Replenishment: on trading floors, on a thematic forum and even through bulletin boards.

Advantages of the system:

  • The implementation of micro-transfers
  • Maximum Transmission Protection
  • High network scalability through Tangle structure
  • Total decentralization: economic and technical
  • Minimum requirements for computing power nodes
  • IOTA Foundation
  • High growth potential
  • No need for miners and validators
  • IOTA Issue - 2.8 Quintillion Tokens
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