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"Corn" is a bank card of the international payment system MasterCard, which can conveniently and safely pay for purchases and services (at gas stations, cafes and restaurants, grocery stores, wherever plastic cards are accepted for payment, abroad and on the Internet).

There are several types of cards: MasterCard Standard, MasterCard World (unnamed, without a chip and contactless payment), MasterCard World PayPass (unnamed, with a chip, contactless payment) and MasterCard PayPass (registered, with a chip and contactless payment). For registration of "Corn" is enough to have a passport.

Experts note that one of the distinguishing features of the network is that the CBR rate is applied here when making purchases in foreign currency. In addition, Corn has its own cashback service. When you go from it to partner sites with the barcode number of the system, you can get additional rewards with bonus rubles.

Bonus program (for every full 50 rubles the user is credited with cashback bonus points depending on the card). When the “Interest on the balance” service is activated, you can withdraw cash without any commission from any of the ATMs at any ATMs (including outside the Russian Federation) within the monthly limit of 50 thousand rubles. When the service is activated, it is possible to make free bank transfers on account details.

In Euroset and Svyaznoy salons (including in online stores) you can pay with Corn points for almost any part of the cost of goods (the minimum amount paid in cash is 1 ruble for each item on the check).

Card replenishment: in cash, by bank transfer, online - from any bank card in the Internet bank or the Kukuruza Mobile application, bank transfer by details, transfer from another Kukuruza card, indicating the phone or card number, Zolotaya Korona money transfer ", Through the offices of the partner banks of the Golden Crown - Loan Repayment system.

Cash withdrawal: at any ATM with the Mastercard logo.

Advantages of the system:

  • Free service
  • When you activate the service "Interest on the balance", you can receive income up to 6.5% per annum of the amount of funds on the card
  • Conversion at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Payment for purchases with points at Euroset and Svyaznoy stores
  • Cash withdrawal at any ATM without commission
  • Free transfers between Corn accounts
  • Setting individual limits for various operations (cash withdrawals, online purchases, limit the amount of purchases per day or month)
  • Favorable exchange rate
  • Support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay
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