NEO: Development Process and Market Trends Review

NEO is a non-profit project that includes a blockchain and the cryptocurrency of the same name, whose goal is to create a “smart economy”. The project was founded in June 2014 under the name Antshares. NEO actively collaborates with international companies Microsoft and Alibaba. In addition to them, cooperation agreements are available with many Chinese, Japanese and Korean companies that actively support this development.

The platform includes 2 different tokens - NEO and GAS, which control the network

The total amount of NEO coins is fixed at 100 million and cannot be increased, half of them are held by developers, the second half is sold to users.

Top-up: through crypto-exchanges, NEO can be purchased for fiat money at various exchangers

You can use two ways to store coins in your wallet:

Use a browser wallet.

Use the official application from the developer.

Advantages of the system:

  • High security where canceling already sent transactions is not allowed
  • When storing from 2000 coins, NEO holders stably receive GAS tokens without taking any action
  • Support for common programming languages ​​makes the platform popular with developers
  • High transaction speed
  • Translation of organizations assets into a digital equivalent, the creation of their own tokens based on the NEO blockchain
  • Collaboration with large companies
  • Wide functionality and great application possibilities
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