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OKPAY system is imprisoned for business on the Internet, for which developers have simplified as much as possible all procedures, starting with registration. The interface is understandable even to a schoolchild; the verification procedure, which is also usual for such systems, takes a minimum of time, it makes it possible to operate with any amounts without restrictions. In addition, you can order a system card for withdrawing funds and making purchases. OKPAY works great with most popular electronic payment systems, which competitors cannot boast of. When creating a wallet, you can choose a personal or business type, as a rule, the first one is in many ways preferable if we are talking about regular periodic operations that are not related to work, for example, an online store. The main currencies are the dollar, the ruble and the euro, if necessary, you can use others. The conversion is simple, the rate during operations is not overvalued. Payments can be made from any mobile device.

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