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Paymer is an electronic check service with which it is possible to make money transfers and pay for purchases both on the Internet and in real life.

Each check has a unique code and number, which are stored on any information carrier and can be transmitted to third parties by e-mail, phone or fax. The service allows issuing, checking, exchanging, combining and redeeming such checks.

Issuance of a Paymer check: through software agents that are involved in depositing and withdrawing funds, they provide information to users.

The issuance of checks in the system takes place in three stages: creating an issue, depositing funds and generating checks, the limit for which in WMZ is $ 200 per day. The limit for creating checks with ruble collateral is 10 thousand rubles.

Payment by Paymer check: to pay, you must transfer the check number and code to the seller, who, after receiving this data, replaces the information, after which the identification data of the payment tool is updated, which does not allow the client to reuse the check.

Advantages of the system:

  • A one-time commission in the amount of 1% of the amount when creating the check, then all operations are free
  • Instant and irrevocable payments (payment speed is several seconds)
  • No need to open a specialized account
  • Using an encryption system that protects against access to customers funds
  • The ability to check the balance of the check on the company website
  • The system can be used for settlements in online and offline modes.
  • Opportunity for business companies to issue their own monetary instruments - Paymers and set the exchange rate in relation to other assets
  • Integration with WebMoney electronic money system
  • 24/7 customer support
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