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PayPal - the largest debit electronic payment system that allows users to pay bills, goods / services, send and receive money transfers; It is a fast and secure way to transact online.

The company allows transfers of electronic money without disclosing financial information. Raul is a division of eBau, so customers receive security guarantees if they act as a seller or buyer, according to the official Protection Programs for sellers and buyers of the service. So, for example, the buyer may be refunded the full purchase price if the goods were not delivered or differs from the description.

The electronic payment system PayPal has launched the international Xoom mobile money transfer service in 32 European countries, which allows you to make money transfers, pay bills and fund your account on a smartphone in 130 countries of the world.

Wallet replenishment: using a virtual card, using exchange offices.

Cash withdrawal: in addition to exchangers and other payment systems, withdrawals to a bank account are also used.

Advantages of the system:

  • Russian interface
  • Two types of accounts: Personal and Corporate
  • High level of details protection
  • Convenient method of payment at the eBay online auction
  • When paying for goods or services, the payer does not charge a fee
  • Within 45 days from the date of payment of the transaction, you can open a dispute
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