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PayWeb is an international online payment system that has been operating since 2009 in many countries of the world, including Russia, the USA, China, the EU and other countries. Its purpose is purchases, payments and money transfers. The interface is in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. You can cash funds, either through an existing bank card, or by getting your own, tied to the system. Registration is simple, you do not need to verify your identity with a passport, which gives a certain degree of anonymity. Opening an account with PayWeb, you provide only copies of documents, the account itself is issued in a few minutes. Periodic promotions to lower fees are also pleasant, for example, servicing a plastic card will cost $ 3 a month. The conversion takes place automatically, this speeds up operations and eliminates the need to monitor the exchange rate. No one will check personal data, this is the policy of the system owners. You can open 2 types of accounts, personal and business, the second type is needed if you have your own company and are going, for example, to pay salaries to employees through PayWeb. The functionality of the portal is provided by a carefully selected design and a minimal set of links. Security is high, for urgent calls, there are separate phones in each country. The commission for operations is minimal, when withdrawing funds to a debit card you pay 2%, and not a fixed amount, this is convenient for small payments.

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