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Electronic money is often not backed up by anything, but there are currencies backed by gold. Pecunix is ​​the most common in our time. There is not much information about the creators, but it is known that they are located in the Republic of Panama. This is not to say that this electronic currency is popular, but people find rare virtues in it that provide it with a faithful audience. Gold on the Internet The currency of the Pecunix payment system is the gram of gold (GAU). This is not a conditional name, but a real precious metal stored in a Swiss bank in Zurich. Buying 1 unit of GAU, 1 gram of gold is purchased, which is used as an electronic money transfer, or as an investment. Investing in precious metals is always popular, but on the Internet it is much more convenient. Advantages and features Disadvantages are not many. For example, replenishing an electronic wallet with a bank card does not work. To do this, you need to use special exchange services. And the advantages of e-currency Pecunix include:

  • reliable financial protection (2 types of encryption and 3 levels of passwords);
  • the use of a large number of world currencies;
  • free registration and use;
  • low fees;
  • ease of use;
  • automatic, regular and bulk payments are possible.

Anonymity is a favorite feature of Pecunix e-currency. Registration on the site does not require a passport or other papers for verification, as in most other services. Personal information (name, surname, address and more) can not even be filled out, but without them it is more difficult to restore access to your account. Therefore, accepting payments through Pecunix is ​​safe and often used for money laundering.

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