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Peercoin (PPC) - a platform based on distributed registry technology, which is designed to quickly send and receive payments. The system is based on Bitcoin code.

The asset can be found in multicurrency vaults, such as Cryptonator, Coinomi, Holy Transaction, they allow you to store all your savings in one place.

Replenishment: through the trading platforms Bittrex, Ecoin Electric, Poloniex, Livecoin, HitBTC.

Mining: it is enough to have a video card or Asic miner, you can also use the equipment used in BTC mining through pools: Give me Coins, Peercoin solo pool, Ecoining Peercoin Pool,, or free-Peercoin cranes.

Advantages of the system:

  • High security
  • Thanks to the use of a peer-to-peer system, no additional maintenance is required
  • PPCs are more cost-effective than other popular cryptocurrencies
  • The commission is only 0.01 PPC, regardless of the amount of the transaction. It does not pass to miners or other network participants, but is destroyed
  • There is no maximum coin issue in the system
  • The cryptocurrency uses the PoS algorithm (proof of ownership), which is necessary to increase security and eliminate the possibility of an attack of 51%
  • Each year, coin holders receive 1% of the amount of Peercoin that are in their wallet
  • Generating new coins requires less energy.
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