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Phone Balance - a service that allows you to make money transfers to your mobile phone account. The service has a high transaction speed and is supported by most e-wallets.

Advantages of the system:

  • Commission fees not more than 6% of the amount of transfer
  • The minimum commission is relatively small
  • There are several ways to receive cash from a mobile phone account (either use the services of a mobile operator, if available, the commission is at least 5% of the amount or apply QIWI, the transfer will be made within a short time with a commission of 9.9% of the amount. If you use WebMoney payment system, then the fee will exceed 10%).

The commission for withdrawal through a bank card from mobile operators varies. MTS PJSC, for example, makes such transfers, collecting 4%. When issuing cash using the services of "Golden Crown", Contact, Unistream and others, the fee is from 6 to 9% of the amount.

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