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Raiffeisenbank is one of the leading corporate and investment banks included in the top ten systemically important financial institutions in Russia, which creates 50% of the profits of Raiffeisen international banking group.

The organization offers its customers a wide range of services, in particular, issues credit and debit cards, issues mortgage loans and salary cards. To simplify the work, an online banking system has been launched, which is used by more than 65% of Raiffeisenbank customers to transfer funds between their accounts or relatives to other banks, pay utility bills, mobile communications, fines, and process banking products.

Advantages of the system:

  • Payments and transfers between accounts and cards in online mode by card number to cards of other banks or free of charge from cards of other banks to Raiffeisenbank card
  • Payment without a commission for mobile communications, utility services, Internet, fines. accruals of the traffic police, taxes, state duties
  • Favorable exchange rate compared to a bank branch
  • Free opening of second and subsequent accounts in rubles, dollars, euros
  • Setting card limits
  • For individual entrepreneurs: payments to the budget of the Russian Federation, an extract and information about the account balance, money transfers from your IP account to an individual s account, saving and sending account details
  • Set up notification of operations on the phone or e-mail
  • Secure SSL connection ensuring confidentiality of transmitted information

Bank customers are more than 16.1 million people. There are over 2 thousand units, the bulk of which are located in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Raiffeisen Bank International shares are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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