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Electronic money payments from the RedPass payment platform are rapidly gaining popularity. The service makes it possible to receive and send payments on the sites of online stores and affiliate programs. RedPass specializes in e-commerce, which is why it is well-known among entrepreneurs who do business on the network. Signing up for the service is simple - enter an e-mail and select the type of account. RedPass has accounts like Personal and Business. The difference between them lies in the name. After confirming the e-mail, fill out the questionnaire - in order to receive and send payments, an identification is required. This is due to the security of funds. For the same purpose, each client receives an individual downloadable electronic key. Now you can transfer to an electronic wallet in RedPass or to another system. When you make a payment, the funds in the account are suspended until verification. Checking takes from a week to 10 days. Such serious security measures are associated with the fact that RedPass is used for business activities, and the amount of transfers can be quite significant. Through the system, they pay for the supply of materials, pay salaries, accept payment for finished products, and so on. Private individuals also use the platform - using the service you can make transfers in different currencies and pay for purchases. The service itself is free, but a commission of 1% is charged for the transfer of funds. RedPass is a safe platform for online payments with a small fee, and therefore enjoys well-deserved attention from the online business.

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