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The Svyaznoy company, entering the banking sector, has implemented its own online banking QBank. In 2014, this comfortable Internet site was recognized as the best in Russia (according to the version of the publication popular on the network). And if offline Svyaznoy there is no sense in competing with giant banks that have occupied this niche tightly, then there are reasons for pride in the field of online banking. The functions of QBank payment system are in no way inferior to popular competitive platforms. Each client of the bank, having access to a personal account, can:

  • pay for services (Internet, mobile phone, online games and other services) in manual and automatic mode;
  • track the movement of funds;
  • receive real-time information and news of the bank in real time;
  • block the card (for example, in case of theft or loss);
  • create applications and contact bank employees.

Access to the personal account of Svyaznoy Bank is provided immediately after opening a deposit or applying for a loan, but even without them, the personal account of the QBank payment system is easily registered on the bank’s website. In this case, access to a virtual payment card will be opened, with the help of which certain services are also paid. At any time it will be possible to order the release of a real plastic card for purchases. Transactions with payment cards in the personal account of Svyaznoy Bank can be partially limited at will. So, for security, the ability to withdraw funds through an ATM is limited, transfers to third-party accounts are prohibited, and attempts to make purchases through online stores are blocked. Controlling your personal account has become easier.

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