TRON: a growing cryptocurrency from China

Tron is a cryptocurrency based on distributed registry technology and is a decentralized platform for entertainment, similar to a social network. Included in the top 20 most popular assets with the highest trading volumes.

The Tron network uses its own cryptocurrency called Tronix (TRX). 40% of all TRX issued (and there were 100 billion tokens) were sold through ICOs, 15% are held for future sale to private investors, and 35% are frozen on the balance of Tron Foundation.

There is no official TRX crypto wallet, but third-party vaults can be used: desktop (Ethereum Wallet), online wallets (My Ether Wallet), hardware wallets (Ledger Nano S, Trezor) or mobile applications (Enjin Wallet, Eidoo Wallet)

Mining: impossible.

Replenishment: purchase on a cryptocurrency exchange, mine any cryptocurrency, and then exchange it for TRX, take part in the development and improvement of the project and get rewarded with tokens.

Advantages of the system:

  • Decentralized network
  • Project collaboration with many companies
  • Profit sharing
  • Copyright on content posted on the site
  • Lack of censorship of posted content
  • Availability of additional services
  • The system can use several electronic currencies
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