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UnionPay is China s national payment system.

Stores in more than 20 countries will provide discounts up to 30% on goods and services, as well as many other bonuses when paying with UnionPay cards. In addition, national banks of Russia, for example, such as Gazprombank and Russian Agricultural Bank, Sberbank and VTB Bank, are the issuer s partners, issuing their cards to their customers.

In case of loss, damage or inability to use UnionPay card abroad, the holder can contact the bank that issued the UnionPay card and apply for emergency cash in the amount of up to 5 thousand US dollars.

Card replenishment: Internet banking (the operation is carried out to the bank account of China Union Pay), by bank transfer, in service centers (presenting a passport).

For the convenience of customers, the UnionPay mobile complex application was developed, aimed at making mobile payments and created by UnionPay together with commercial banks. So, the functions include payment via smartphone (NFC system), payment using a QR code, as well as money transfer. At the moment, the application is available to work in 47 countries and regions.

Advantages of the system:

  • Wide network and favorable reception conditions in China
  • Profitable non-cash conversion to RMB
  • 24-hour support service (international tourist support, global medical support)
  • Card loss guarantees
  • Emergency disbursement of funds (up to 5 thousand US dollars)
  • Exclusive Concierge Services
  • Commission for the transfer of funds is 1% of the required amount

Currently, the UnionPay card acceptance network in Russia has exceeded 85%.

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