Innovative Waves Services: What Can Waves Offer?

Waves - a platform created on the basis of a distributed registry and allowing to generate, send and exchange individual or fiat tokens, avoiding volatility.

To store Waves tokens, participate in tenders of the DEX exchange and use the project features, you need to create a wallet. Two are available on the official website - full, with support for blockchain and Lite Client. All tokens are stored on the blockchain and encrypted with a private key.

Mining: only users selected on the balance account deal with it.

Top-up: you can buy coins using a plastic card on the official Waves client, through cryptocurrency exchanges.

Advantages of the system:

  • Open source
  • Anonymity
  • Low liquidity
  • High security thanks to blockchain technology
  • Fiat Support
  • Wide selection of trading instruments
  • Low commission (per transaction it will be 0.0003 Waves)
  • The ability to conduct ICOs within the platform
  • Leasing own coins
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