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This is the best payment system developed in Uzbekistan. It was launched recently, in 2010, the developer is the company "E-SERVICES HOUSE". The system uses domestic currency, which is a virtual analogue of the national som. People use Websum to quickly transfer finances, top up their mobile or landline phone, pay utility bills and make online purchases. Using the electronic wallet registered here, a person will reserve train or plane tickets, book a hotel room or pay for an online game. There are many opportunities. E-commerce members will be able to quickly purchase or sell products online. To make a money transfer or use other financial instruments, a person is registered. But the full range of possibilities will open only when the user goes through the versioning procedure. The operation will help to make the account safe and protect it from scammers. It passes quickly and does not require payment. Websum electronic wallet replenished in various ways, and money is instantly withdrawn from it. Also, the client can exchange WMS currency on special exchanges. Modern encryption technologies perfectly protect a person’s account in this system, preventing attackers from taking money. A wallet created in Websum will help you simply manage your funds. The interface is simple and beautiful, it will not be difficult to figure it out.

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