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The Western Union Company - an American company specializing in the provision of monetary intermediation services, is a world leader in cross-border, currency transfers.

The company offers a rather impressive MyWU loyalty program, which provides for regular drawing of prizes and gifts, receiving discounts on products from leading manufacturers.

Tariffs for sending funds vary from country to country. So, in Russia this indicator is from 1% and higher, to the CIS countries and Georgia - from 1%, tariffs for sending money transfers to China - 1 thousand rubles for any transfer from 75 thousand rubles or 41 dollars from the amount of 3 thousand dollars; to other countries - from 250 rubles / 10 dollars.

It is worth noting that for sending a transfer using the Western Union system, the user can receive income from the difference in rates if the payment currency differs from the currency of sending the transfer.

The maximum transfer amount for residents of Russia sending funds to other countries is 5 thousand dollars.

Advantages of the system:

  • The transfer can be made out at the service point or through the website
  • The transfer can be received a few minutes after they are sent
  • My WU loyalty program participant saves time when making a transfer
  • A wide selection of points of sending and issuing transfers
  • Ability to cancel a transaction
  • Payment is transmitted via secure communication channels and is stored only in encrypted form.
    24-hour customer service center

Western Union cooperates with 17 mobile operators in 13 countries. Money transfer systems are available in more than 200 countries and territories of the world.

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