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History. Despite its intriguing name, it is a fully Russian payment system, officially launched in 2007, although its development began five years earlier. The office is located in Irkutsk. Description. Z-PAYMENT, along with other payment systems, is a universal tool that includes many payment methods in real time. This includes services of various services, goods from online stores, payment for games, purchase of goods and money transfer. It works around the clock, the main currency is the Russian ruble, although it is called 1 zp in the system, however, this is only conditional, the rate is one to one. In case of conversion, exchange at the current rate of the Central Bank. The so-called “ZP money” is completely liquid in the network; they are exchanged without problems in most payment systems. Registration. Registration is quick and easy, opening an account is free, at the initial stage you will need a minimum of data, but the procedure for obtaining a certificate follows. What it is? ZP-certificate is a certificate issued to each participant on the provision of personal data. Raising the status entails a number of advantages, both in terms of the parameters of transactions and in the amount of payments. There are too many 10 statuses, perhaps, but these are the conditions of the developers, perhaps this has some logic. The initial one is called Anonymous, then go in order:

  • Personal certificate
  • Store certificate
  • Temporary certificate
  • Certificate of Manager
  • Company certificate
  • VIP client certificate
  • Developer Certificate
  • Dealer Z-Payment
  • Z-Payment Agent

Advantages and disadvantages. Since the system is completely Russian, the work inside the country is very comfortable, about 9 thousand Internet shops are connected to Z-payment, transfers are carried out both electronically and through terminals. The system also works with plastic cards that are in circulation in our country. Of the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting a complex hierarchy of certificates, therefore only large players, for example, store owners, have advantages.

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