Base Dawgz Enables Early Staking for All $Dawgz Holders Joining the ICO

09.07.2024 / Payment system news

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ), a popular meme coin that launched its presale several weeks ago, recently hinted on X that it has major news that will be shared soon.

News coming soon…Prepare yourselves, $DAWGZ!

— Base Dawgz (@BaseDawgz) July 3, 2024

The announcement came the next day, on July 4, when the project unveiled the new staking mechanism. Staking became available for all DAWGZ holders as soon as they purchased their DAWGZ tokens. That means that even those who purchased DAWGZ before the new feature was launched can also use it.

On its website, the project explained that staking would require DAWGZ holders to commit their tokens to a smart contract and secure them for a set duration. In return, they receive extra DAWGZ tokens at a fluctuating rate over time. As of the time of writing, DAWGZ staking is only accessible on the Ethereum network. 

However, in due time, the project will likely make it available on other blockchains that Base Dawgz will run.

What Does Base Dawgz Have To Offer?

Base Dawgz’s multi-chain feature is actually the project’s largest strength. While it may seem like just another cryptocurrency on the surface, this will actually be a multi-chain meme coin that will run on five chains at the same time.

As the name suggests, Base Dawgz was built on the Base blockchain, but it will also run on Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. Interestingly, staking was introduced on Ethereum’s network, meaning on ETH’s Layer 1 blockchain, but not on Base’s own L2 chain.

Before this, the project recently introduced a Refer-And-Earn feature, enabling DAWGZ holders to earn money by bringing in new community members to Base. Whenever someone who came through another user infuses in DAWGZ, the inviter gets 10% of their acquisition into DAWGZ.


Base Dawgz will likely continue adding features, which will only make its presale more popular.

Speaking of the DAWGZ presale, it raised over $2.37 million since the moment it launched, and the figure continuous to grow. The project offers its token for $0.00581 apiece, and those interested can get DAWGZ with USDT, USDC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, SOL, and AVAX.

However, interested holders should not wait too long to join, as the DAWGZ price will go up again in three days when its next scheduled increase is expected.

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