Bitget Wallet Introduces Cross-Chain Support for TON Tokens, Amplifying Trading Features for TON

04.07.2024 / Payment system news

Bitget Wallet, the top Web3 wallet on the TON ecosystem, has recently unveiled an exciting new feature: cross-chain support for TON tokens. This means that users can effortlessly exchange TON tokens with mainnet tokens across a wide range of 14 chains, including Ethereum, Solana, Base, and USDT, all conveniently within the wallet platform. This significant upgrade enhances Bitget Wallet’s trading capabilities on the TON ecosystem, offering extensive support for the Web3 community.

The monthly active user count on the TON network has experienced a significant surge, going from 228,000 at the beginning of the year to an impressive 4.64 million in recent months. This growth can be attributed, at least in part, to the popularity of the Tap2Earn mini-game craze. In the last year, the price of TON has skyrocketed, establishing itself as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in market capitalization. TON tokens have seen a significant increase in value recently, thanks to the surge in on-chain activity on the TON network. This can be attributed to gas fee payments, in-game upgrades, and NFT minting.

Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, emphasized the firm’s commitment to enhancing its TON ecosystem capabilities:

“We plan to introduce even more capabilities on the TON mainnet in the future, including supporting token swaps, which will enable not only easier access to TON tokens for our users, but also facilitate seamless interoperability and trades between different tokens on TON network.”

Bitget Wallet is the go-to choice for users in the TON ecosystem. It offers seamless creation of TON wallets, ensuring secure and convenient management of on-chain assets. By integrating the TON Connect protocol with Bitget Wallet, users can now effortlessly connect to a range of popular DApps on the TON ecosystem. This integration highlights the wallet’s commitment to offering users convenient ways to discover and explore TON ecosystem projects. A specialized TON Tap2Earn Zone has also been introduced on Bitget Wallet, allowing users to explore popular Tap2Earn projects.

Backed by the widely used messaging platform Telegram, which has a staggering 1.3 billion registered users worldwide and 900 million monthly active users, the TON blockchain and its on-chain ecosystem projects have a significant impact and great potential. In the future, the Web3 community can anticipate a plethora of enhanced TON ecosystem functionalities, along with extensive campaign activities to bolster the TON network by Bitget Wallet.