DeSyn Launches Liquidity Restaking Fund, Offering Triple Points for Eigenlayer, Renzo, and DeSyn

06.02.2024 / Payment system news

Renowned decentralized fund management platform DeSyn has announced today the launch of its ETH Restaking Fund I (3x Points) to fuel innovation and diversity within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Reflecting the platform’s unrelenting efforts to contribute to the development of the Ethereum network, this development comes after the platform had already made waves with the recent launch of its 3x ETH Leveraged ETF.

Arguably, DeSyn’s commitment to innovation and diversification within the Ethereum network has been evident through previous endeavours as such. Now, with the DeSyn ETH Restaking Fund I, users can stake ETH, stETH, wETH, and ezETH through the platform, enjoying on-demand withdrawals and impressive APY ranging from 3.6% to 60%.

Desyn ETH Restaking Fund I Collaborates With Eigenlayer and Renzo

The launch of Desyn ETH Restaking I comes in partnership with Eigenlayer and Renzo and aims to propel the growing Restaking trend while offering users unmatched triple points rewards.

The collaboration with Eigenlayer and Renzo amplifies the benefits for users, as they stand to gain basic returns and triple points rewards. These points, calculated based on staking amount and duration, offer enhanced incentives, further bolstering DeSyn’s commitment to maximizing user rewards.

Eigenlayer, a protocol dedicated to elevating Ethereum security through restaking, introduces a new crypto-economic primitive, enabling users to restake ETH or LST for additional rewards while extending security to other applications on the network. 

Renzo, on the other hand, pioneers restaking on the EigenLayer mainnet, paving the way for enhanced security measures within the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, DeSyn’s protocol empowers users to create and manage customized portfolios transparently and securely, leveraging various on-chain assets via smart contracts, thus solidifying its position as a trailblazer in decentralized asset management infrastructure on Web3.