Cryptobrokers Affiliate Program Rules

This section provides the rules for participation in the referral program Cryptobrokers. By registering an account on our monitoring, you automatically confirm that you accept and agree to these rules and agree to follow them also.

All referral charges are made, and the payments are made in USD.

The conclusion of partnership earnings possible in the accumulation of minimum amount – 3.00 USD .

The amount of remuneration for the involved client monitoring is 0.03 USD.

We reserve the right to change the interest rate provided in this Agreement. However, before the change rate obtained referral charges, remain unchanged and are calculated according to the tariffs in force at the time of calculating wages.

The above user will not count your referral in the following cases:

  • In recent days given user (IP-address) makes a transition to the link partner.
  • the client browser does not pass the parameter «refer»
  • After moving the client has left our service is not to carry out actions.
  • Any action aimed at confusing the system and increase the number of referrals by means of cheating are strictly prohibited rules Cryptobrokers affiliate program. By wrapping understood transitions partner on its own link, please make transitions to other users on the provided link and other actions designed to attract real customers and confuse the system.
  • By publishing information on Cryptobrokers monitoring, the partners agree to set out here the affiliate program rules and agree to follow them. All information disseminated about Cryptobrokers service must be fully reliable. It is also strictly prohibited to disseminate information means any possibility to receive any bonuses for monitoring free of charge.

When publicizing and disseminating referral link partners must be guided by the following rules and limitations:

  1. Partners may not distribute the referral links to the services offered by the involvement in the misuse of the service traffic, the so-called systems autosurf or active advertising systems. It is also forbidden to spread referral links to services that provide services for viewing advertising of any kind and type on a fee basis.
  2. Partners may not distribute information (links) to sites and services that use autosurf system (ATS), or use the services of paid services for viewing advertising.
  3. Partners prohibited the distribution and publication of referral links to any other sites that offer any kind of compensation for viewing advertisements.
  4. Partners prohibited to use multicast messages or other types of advertising, also known as spam, to disseminate referral links.
  5. Partners are prohibited from posting referral links on websites that are forced to open a browser window and on sites that open sites in a hidden frame.
  6. Partners prohibits the publication of referral links on websites, services, and other sources that contain, publish, distribute or disseminate any information or materials, directly / indirectly violate existing legislation of the Russian Federation.
  7. Partners may not distribute referral links to the services and websites that compile and publish lists or other information about sites with bonuses, free of charge.
  8. Partners may not distribute any referral links to sources that are not available for public viewing without authorization, for example, closed sections of forums, social networks, etc.

Services and sites that do not adhere to the established in this section, the rules and violate them, are automatically added to the blacklist. bonuses for referrals from such sites are not charged.

User accounts that do not comply with the rules set out in this section, and thus violated the terms of the partnership agreement, are blocked at any time. Cryptobrokers administration reserves the right not to inform the data users about the fact and the reason for blocking their accounts. After blocking the account is not paid referral accrual.

Registered partners have to remember that only they are responsible for the safety of the data used to authenticate the service.

Cryptobrokers reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement without informing partners, but with the publication of the relevant changes on this page.

Become a partner Cryptobrokers

Fill out the form below to register an account partner Cryptobrokers. Before submitting the form, check the correctness of the data entered. On the specified e-mail will be sent to confirm the registration.

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