Fidelity Investments: Bitcoin Is An Inspiring Store Of Savings

31.07.2020 / Payment system news

The prospects for the development of bitcoin as a means of accumulation were outlined by the specialists of the investment giant Fidelity Investments in their latest report on the first cryptocurrency.

So, experts point out that BTC has all the signs of a store of value, although it is officially recognized as such. Despite the fact that opponents of a digital asset often cite the impossibility of widespread use due to high volatility as the main argument, they only attract attention in it. Also, Fidelity Investments believes that the crisis situation in the global financial system, which continues to heat up as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, will also catalyze the adoption of digital instruments. Record low interest rates, unprecedented economic stimulation and de-globalization only add fuel to the fire, contributing to the growing acceptance of alternative means of payment among the population.

In addition, the fact of a generational change is also cited in favor of cryptocurrencies – young people prefer innovative tools.