Hectic Turkey: The Memecoin Stirring Up The Crypto Coop

08.02.2024 / Payment system news

Hectic Turkey, a crypto meme coin utility token, is changing the traditional cryptocurrency space with its unique features and approach to the market.

Attributed to the utter hecticness of Hectic Turkey, Hectic Turkey is an everlasting buy-back and burn crypto protocol. The buys back and burns of tokens are done automatically through every PancakeSwap trade. Notably, the buyback and burning process will create a scarcity that will add more value to the token.

The automated buyback feature converts 1.5% of the Hectic Turkey token ($HECT) to $BNB every time a buy or sell transaction is conducted. The BNB is then stored in the Hectic Automatic Buy-Back (HABB) contract.  Each time the HABB accrues 5 BNB, an automatic trigger will buy back $HECT at the current market rate. 

Each buyback transaction then automatically sends the purchased $HECT tokens to the Null Dead address (the turkey heaven) forever.  Notably, the continuous crypto-burning events decrease the $HECT circulating supply, leading to a thicker liquidity and a higher sustainable price. 

The HECT token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) network. The token has a total supply of 8.8 trillion HECT tokens, with 4.4 trillion HECT listed on PancakeSwap. Currently, the project is holding a public presale on Pinksale. The presale has a price rate of 2,378,400,000 HECT per 1 BNB, providing early bird investors with a perfect opportunity to join the Hectic Turkey community. 

In addition, the team plans to lock up 100% of the initial liquidity on Pinklock. This will be done automatically and will be locked for 24 months with an available crypto re-lock extension. 

Hectic Turkey is a community-driven project that hopes to flip the meme coin market with new opportunities for token holders. The project is still under development with a long roadmap of milestones. The project hopes to have its token listed on exchanges and increase the number of holders and its market cap. The team plans to host a number of marketing campaigns, including a viral spread of love for HECT token aimed at increasing Hectic Turkey’s social media presence. 

For more details, visit Hectic Turkey’s official website.

Website: https://hecticturkey.com/ 

Whitepaper: https://hecticturkey.com/wp-content/uploads/whitepaper.pdf  

Discord: https://discord.gg/hecticturkey 

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/HecticTurkey

Email: info@hecticturkey.com