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User reviews, exchanger information Raidofinance

Raidofinance is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange that works
under European law: https://raidofinance.eu/
The main features:
• Security of funds. Raido Finance uses cold storage
funds and own crypto-node;
• Manufacturability. High transaction speed, automated
API trading process
• Fiat support. Low fees for fiat transactions with crypto assets;
• Automatic output.
Compliance with EU law gives legalized trading status
process and protection against money laundering. Licenses granted
Raidofinance OÜ: FRK000354, FFA000291, FIU000266, FVR000433
• RF Token: 50% off Raido Token Trading Commission.
• Stablecoin bridge: a reliable way to buy / sell Stablecoin for
paper money. https://raidofinance.eu/stable-coin-bridge

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