Solana-Based Meme Coin ‘Smog’ Launches Airdrop Campaign on Jupiter DEX

09.02.2024 / Payment system news

The Jupiter Decentralised Exchange (DEX) has witnessed the introduction of a new Solana-based meme coin named Smog (SMOG), accompanied by the announcement of an upcoming major airdrop event.

The launch of Smog on the Jupiter DEX has garnered attention from users and JUP token holders, as it marks a notable addition to the meme coin ecosystem on the Solana blockchain.

With the promise of an ambitious airdrop campaign, Smog aims to engage a broader audience within the decentralised finance (DeFi) space.

The activation of the Smog token pool occurred at 16:00 UTC on 7 January, signalling the commencement of trading activities on the Jupiter DEX.

Smog has made a remarkable debut, achieving an 849% gain within 24 hours of its launch on the Jupiter DEX. This impressive performance has garnered significant attention within the crypto community, with over 11,500 views for Smog’s listing page and almost 1.2k traders interacting with the token.

Its airdrop campaign is central to the Smog project, which seeks to incentivise user participation and adoption. Through the campaign, users can earn airdrop points by acquiring and holding $SMOG tokens – although specific details regarding the rewards structure will be communicated in due course.

Additionally, Smog token holders have the opportunity to participate in a community bounty program.

A review of Smog’s tokenomics reveals a strategic approach to supply allocation, with a focus on marketing and future airdrop rewards. Of the token supply, 50% is designated for marketing efforts, while 35% is allocated for future airdrop rewards.

Smog’s roadmap outlines several milestones, including the introduction of staking features and future airdrop launches.

To participate in the Smog airdrop campaign, traders are encouraged to use Solana-compatible wallets such as Phantom and leverage the Jupiter DEX aggregator or Birdeye for token swaps. Engagement with the Smog community through social media channels such as X(Twitter), Discord and Telegram or exploration of the project’s litepaper are recommended for interested participants.

Recent events within the Solana ecosystem, including network outages and Solana meme coin BONK on the decline, present a new wave of hope and an option to acquire $SMOG at its lowest price point before the Solana ecosystem recovers – leading to potentially 100x ROI for $SMOG holders.