Bitcoin Price Spikes 5% as Crypto Prices Turn Bullish Again and $BTCETF Raises $800K

16.11.2023 / Payment system news

After a selloff to $35K, Bitcoin’s price has made a resurgence and is currently priced at $37.5K. It is up 5.3% in the last 24 hours and 31% in the last month, indicating a strong longer-term uptrend.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin ETF Token shows even more bullish potential after surging past $800K in its presale. Will this token explode with the ETF approvals potentially imminent?

Bitcoin Advances, But Analysts Are Split on Its Next Move

Despite its relative strength over the past month, several analysts are exercising caution in their predictions for where BTC could be headed in the short term.

The overarching sentiment is that it will enter a bull rally by 2024, with the Bitcoin halving and ETF approvals expected to bolster its price significantly. However, its path towards these events remains uncertain.

Crypto researcher Jimmy Boss took to CoinMarketCap’s social feed to voice his bullishness for Bitcoin. According to the analysis, the recent pump is “just the beginning of Bitcoin’s uptrend.”

The post noted that the pump had wiped out an earlier pullback, switching Bitcoin from neutral to bullish.

X commentator The Bitcoin Therapist also voiced optimism regarding Bitcoin’s uptick. A recent tweet noted, “It has already retraced everything from the last 24 hours,” and that “This bull market is going to be INSANE.”

However, other analysts are skeptical about Bitcoin’s price ahead of the April 2024 halving.

Doctor Profit pointed out the market’s euphoria, shown in its overexposure to leveraged longs.

If Bitcoin’s price decreases, this could cause long liquidations, which would cause an intense flash crash, given the market’s slated over-optimism.

This observation aligns with prominent trader Rekt Capital’s long-held vision that Bitcoin could see a deep retracement before the halving.

Based on Rekt Capital’s thesis, there is currently a 150-day window left where Bitcoin could see a strong pullback.

However, one of the leading price drivers causing Bitcoin’s recent pump is that it has recently made a new all-time high (ATH) against the Turkish Lira. This illustrates Bitcoin’s importance as a store of value to fend off inflation, which has become rampant globally in recent years.

Nevertheless, analysts are even more bullish on a new presale project, Bitcoin ETF Token. Since it is currently in presale, it will enter price discovery as soon as it launches. This could enable tremendous upside potential, given the ongoing Bitcoin ETF hype.

Deflationary Stake-to-Earn Bitcoin ETF Token Offers 318% APY and Raises $800K at Presale

Bitcoin ETF Token is a new project focused on the upcoming Bitcoin ETF approvals, which are expected to be approved by January, according to JP Morgan.

The project features three cornerstone mechanisms: staking, burning, and news.

Its staking mechanism offers a 318% APY, but potential investors must act fast to secure the best yield because it will decrease as the staking pool grows. As well as rewarding the community, Bitcoin ETF Token’s staking mechanism will encourage long-term holding and reduce its sellable supply, equating to a higher price.

Meanwhile, its burning mechanism will destroy 5% of the total supply at five key Bitcoin ETF milestones, driving scarcity when the hype is highest. It also features a 5% burn tax on every transaction, making the token deflationary and gradually pushing its price over time.

Lastly, it features a news feed that will update its community on the latest Bitcoin ETF events. This will keep the community engaged and opens the door to further ecosystem expansions.

Its blend of utility, robust tokenomics, and timely trend capture has led to it raising over $800K at presale and massively bullish predictions from analysts. According to Jacob Bury, the project could 10x after it launches on exchanges.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Crypto Boy predicts 100x gains. If correct, this would push a $1,000 investment to a staggering $1,000,000.

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